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Scenic Hayrides

Available for all group sizes, must be booked ahead 

Depending on the time of year, our hay rides may take you to different parts of the farm! We offer a trip to the hay fields, to see bales of hay being harvested, a trip to the fields to see the growing processing in action, or a trip to the pumpkin patch. Each trip leaves the farm stand on a hay wagon being pulled by a John Deere Tractor. The ride will take you to different parts of the farm depending on the season. Your tour guide will show you and explain about the equipment which is used to farm in that section. In the autumn, you will then have the experience of watching the hay baler in action. Your group will then go to the picnic area to eat their bagged lunches and view some of the animals on our farm. After lunch is over, you then can pick out your favorite Richardson's Dairy ice cream which we are serving at the farm stand. 

Weekends, September-October.

Additional availability open only by reservation

Call 978-914-3158 to book your groups wagon

Family Hayride
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