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Corn Maze

Opens on September 13, 2024

Imagine the biggest puzzle you’ve ever seen. Now imagine a day in the sunshine with your friends or family. Now add an adventure that takes teamwork and memory skills. All these things and more can be found at Crescent Farms Corn Maze.

Crescent Farm Corn Maze trails are cut into 7.5 acres of corn. Inside the tall field of corn, we have cut several walking paths, creating a maze with only one way in and one way out. Visitors can enjoy getting lost in the maze’s twisting turns, dead ends, and traps!


Monday - Thursday: 12-8pm

Friday Saturday12-9pm

 Sunday: 12am-8pm

Grand Opening

September 13, 2024

Admission: $10.00 for all ages

FAQ - How long does it take to complete the corn maze? Tough question - Corn maze experts might be able to complete it in 30 minutes, the average person maybe completes the corn maze in 40 minutes. Don't worry, there is a halfway point that you can get out at.


Groups Welcome

Scouts, youth groups and parties of 15 or more are welcomed to visit the Corn Maze during normal operating hours at our tour price rate (see tour packages).

Field Trips

School Field trips are available to be scheduled during the school week.

Corn Maze Tips

- Use backpacks not strollers for babies
- Take your time
-There are no short cuts

Corn Maze Rules

- No picking the corn
- No smoking
- No alcohol
- No pets
- No running
- No cutting through corn stalks
- Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult

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