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Field Trips

Spring, Summer, and Autumn

Spring, summer, and autumn can be a very exciting and educational time on Crescent Farm. We are happy to open our farm to the public so people can see a real working farm. We are the largest working farm in the area, farming 350 acres. We are happy to be able to give children the opportunity to learn about farms and agriculture outside the classroom.

The springtime is a very busy and active time at Crescent Farm. We offer a spring field trip out to the fields. The wagon you will be riding on will be pulled by a John Deere tractor, which will stop once you have arrived at the fields. The farm helper will talk to you about the different work that needs to be done on the field in the spring. Depending on the day, you could see fields be plowed, fields being leveled, or fields being planted. The farm helper will also talk about the different crops which we plant on our farm. These crops include hay, corn, pumpkins, gourds, tomatoes, and sunflowers. At the end of the trip, you will return to the farm stand for an ice cream.

The summer months we offer a trip to the hay fields, to see bales of hay being harvested. This trip leaves the farmstand on a hay wagon being pulled by a John Deere Tractor. The ride will take you to the back part of the farm to a hay field. Your tour guide will show you and explain about the equipment which is used to produce a bale of hay. You will then have the experience of watching the hay baler in action. Your group will then go to the picnic area to eat their bagged lunches and view some of the animals on our farm. After lunch is over, you then can pick out your favorite Richardson's Dairy ice cream which we are serving at the farm stand.

During autumn months, we offer a hay ride out to our pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin from our baby Pam Pumpkin Patch. After picking out the perfect pumpkin you will then go to the picnic area to eat your bagged lunch. We save the best for last a nice creamy Ice Cream cone made from Richardson's Dairy, which is served at our farm stand.

Also, in the autumn months we offer an exciting trip in our corn maze. Enjoy the exercise, the farm fresh air, and the challenge of the corn maze. Your group will have the challenge of finding the correct way through the maze. Every trip in maze is a unique experience. After all that hard work you can enjoy your picnic lunch, while viewing some farm animals. After lunch, you can enjoy a Richardson Dairy ice cream cone at the far stand.

Call 978-914-3158 to reserve your spot!

Hours are 8am-8pm, reservation only.


Package 1 - Fall Hay Ride and Pumpkin Picking tour $10.00
Package 2 - Fall Hay Ride, Pumpkin Picking & ice cream $15.00
Package 3 - Fall Hay Ride, Pumpkin Picking, ice cream & corn maze $20.00

Teachers are free on all tours

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