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Crescent Farm Products

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Acai Bowls

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Apple Cider Donuts

We are proud to make our own apple cider donuts. Available as a single, a half dozen or by the dozen. Fall and winter only. 

Ice Cream

Pick  your Favorite Acai bowl, homemade at  Crescent Farms. We have been told by many of our customers that they simply love our Acai bowls and we can’t say we blame them. They are drizzled with our own honey

from our farm.

We sell 33 flavors of  Richardson's ice cream and Soft Serve.

Frappes, sundaes, banana splits, cones and cups are all available. Toppings choices are real milk chocolate sprinkles, rainbow jimmies, M&Ms, hot fudge, caramel, strawberries, and whipped cream.


Large selection of meats on sale. Pick up some beef from Crescent Farms! Our beef is hormone free, antibiotic free, and has no preservatives. Our beef is free ranged right here on the farm. We offer many different cuts, such as T-bones, sirloin, flank, ribeye, brisket, porterhouse, Delmonico, ground beef and many more. Come taste the difference! 

We also offer Zabiha Halal certificate for slaughterhouse meats 


At Crescent Farms, we sell many types of hay, including 1st cut, 2nd cut, mulch hay, and straw hay.  Hay comes in three different shapes, mini square bales, square bales, and round bales

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Pumpkins! Who doesn't love to pumpkin pick? We have the largest pick-your-own pumpkin patch around. Our patch has pumpkins as small as jack-be-littles to ones that will need two people to lift. You are welcome to walk around the patch and decided what is the perfect pumpkin for you,

Sunflower field is closed

We’re proud to offer our customers homemade Christmas cookies. The Christmas cookies come in many different colors and shapes. They are a great way to end the light show with a cup of hot cocoa and a Christmas cookie.

Homemade Cookies


Wholesale Pumpkins

We sell a variety of pumpkins at wholesale prices! Varieties include Bumpkin, Baby Boo, Lil Pump, Hooligan, Jarrahdale, Cinderella, Silver Moon, Field Trip, Magic Lantern, and Howden Biggie. Minimum order for wholesale prices is $300, for 20-mile radius delivery, minimum order is $500. For more information, contact Debby at 978-914-3158

Image by Obed Hernández

Seasoned Firewood

We sell our own seasoned firewood at $375.00 a cord. We also include free delivery within Haverhill, MA. Please call 978-914-3159 for more details.

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